Blue World City

Blue World City

Blue World City, a prestigious project from the BGC-IGC Collaboration, has been recognized as a Pak-China Friendly City. This groundbreaking development is Pakistan’s first purpose-built tourist city, designed within a globally acclaimed lifestyle community. Located adjacent to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2), a key segment of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the city is just a 20-minute drive from the New Islamabad International Airport.

At Multiworks, while we do not deal directly in Blue World City Islamabad, we present this project as a source of information for the public, highlighting its unique offerings and potential.

Key Highlights of Blue World City

Master Plan and Blocks

Blue World City is meticulously planned with distinct zones for residential and commercial purposes, each offering a range of plot sizes and classifications. Here’s a breakdown of the key blocks within the city:

General Block

The General Block is intended for the general public, allowing anyone from any city in the nation to invest and reserve the plots they choose. This block is particularly notable because most of its plots are sold out, indicating its high demand. Approximately 80% of the development work in this block has been completed, making it an attractive option for those looking to invest in a well-established part of Blue World City Islamabad.

Overseas Block

The Overseas Block caters specifically to Pakistanis living abroad, providing them with the same world-class services and amenities they enjoy in their resident countries. This block is fully sold out, reflecting its popularity among overseas Pakistanis. Following the NOC approval, demand for plots in this block has surged, underscoring the trust and confidence investors have in Blue World City Islamabad.

Waterfront District

The Waterfront District is an epitome of luxury and elegance, located next to a body of water. This district offers unique attractions such as floating restaurants, waterfalls, a dancing fountain, and various water sports facilities. The waterfront area is designed to provide residents with a serene and luxurious lifestyle, setting Blue World City Islamabad apart from other developments.

Awami Block

The Awami Block is designed to provide affordable housing to the broad populace of the nation. The plots in this block are reasonably priced, making it possible for individuals from various financial backgrounds to invest. The Awami Block offers a spectacular and opulent perspective while ensuring affordability.

Hollywood Block

The Hollywood Block is one of the most elite sections of Blue World City Islamabad. The prices for properties in this block are higher, reflecting the luxurious lifestyle it promises. The infrastructure of the Hollywood Block is designed to meet international standards, inspired by the lifestyle of Hollywood residents. While the payment plans may seem steep to some investors, the amenities and lifestyle offered make it a worthwhile investment.

Sports Valley Block

The Sports Valley Block is the latest addition to Blue World City Islamabad. It is particularly appealing to sports enthusiasts as it will host Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium. Alongside the stadium, this block will feature luxurious structures such as the Torch Hotel and Villaggio Mall. The Sports Valley Block aims to provide a vibrant and active lifestyle, making it a unique part of Blue World City Islamabad.

Tourist Attractions

Blue World City Islamabad is poised to become a major tourist destination, offering an array of renowned landmarks and attractions:

  • Blue Mosque: Inspired by the Burj Al Arab, this mosque is set to become a central landmark.
  • Horse Mascot: The world’s tallest horse mascot, a unique and striking feature.
  • Rumi’s Square: A vibrant and culturally rich landmark.
  • Water Theme Park: A world-class attraction designed for family fun and adventure.
  • 7-Star Hilltop Hotel: Luxurious accommodation for discerning guests, offering breathtaking views and top-tier services.

Economic Zone

The Blue World Economic Zone within Blue World City Islamabad is designed to be an ideal hub for local and international business. Its strategic location along the CPEC route facilitates seamless transactions and fosters a thriving business environment. This zone aims to attract merchants and businessmen from around the world, contributing to the economic growth of Pakistan.

Developer and Ownership Structure

Blue World City Islamabad is a product of the joint efforts of the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and the Imperium Group of Companies (IGC). Here’s a closer look at the key figures and their roles:

Blue Group of Companies (BGC)

The Blue Group of Companies, led by Mr. Saad Nazir and Mr. Burair Nazir, is known for its dynamic approach and rapid growth. The company has a significant presence internationally, particularly in the Gulf and North America. BGC is involved in diverse industries including real estate development, construction, education, technology, marketing, and more.

Imperium Group of Companies (IGC)

Ch. Nadeem Ejaz and Ch. Naeem Ejaz represent the Imperium Group of Companies. IGC has a strong focus on real estate development and construction, contributing significantly to Pakistan’s national economy. The collaboration with BGC has resulted in the creation of Blue World City Islamabad, showcasing their combined vision and expertise.

Joint Ventures and Projects

In addition to Blue World City Islamabad, the BGC-IGC Consortium is developing several other projects:

  • Blue Hills: A farm housing development.
  • Blue World Trade Center: Set to be the tallest business address in the twin cities.
  • Awami Complex: Providing affordable housing options.
  • Sports Valley: Hosting Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium.
  • Down Town: A commercial hub along the M-2 motorway.

Vision and Mission


Blue World City Islamabad aims to provide a world-class lifestyle accessible to all Pakistanis, particularly those residing abroad, at affordable prices. The project seeks to promote tourism by creating iconic attractions and elevate Pakistan’s tourism potential.


The mission of the BGC-IGC Consortium is to contribute to Pakistan’s economic expansion through real estate development and construction. By creating opportunities for collaboration, entrepreneurial endeavors, and employment, the consortium supports the national economy and uplifts communities.


Blue World City Islamabad stands as a beacon of urban design and architectural excellence. It is envisioned as a self-contained city within a city, offering a blend of modern amenities and a serene lifestyle. Its strategic location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and diverse offerings make Blue World City Islamabad a captivating destination for both tourists and residents.

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