CDA Islamabad to Launch 3D and Digital Marketing Initiative by July 1

Islamabad-CDA: Under Muhammad Ali Randhawa’s leadership, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has embarked on a transformative journey to modernize Islamabad’s advertising landscape. In a recent meeting chaired by Randhawa, the CDA unveiled plans to embrace 3D and digital marketing technologies, set to debut on July 1.

This innovative project aims to revolutionize advertising in Islamabad by leveraging cutting-edge technology. Through immersive 3D techniques and digital screens strategically placed across the city, including highways and commercial centers, the CDA aims to redefine advertising infrastructure.

Central to this initiative is the revenue generation through three-year annual rentals for digital advertising space. These screens, acting as prime advertising real estate, promise to enhance Islamabad’s visual appeal while serving as valuable assets for city revenue. The CDA’s partnership model ensures installation costs are covered by contractors, minimizing financial strain.

Contracts for digital advertising spaces will be awarded through transparent auctions, fostering healthy competition and broad stakeholder participation. The infusion of 3D and digital marketing promises to invigorate Islamabad’s advertising ecosystem, offering advertisers innovative engagement opportunities.

Beyond commercial benefits, this initiative underscores the CDA’s commitment to progressive technologies that enhance residents’ quality of life. By embracing the digital age, Islamabad positions itself as a forward-thinking global metropolis.

In conclusion, Islamabad’s upcoming 3D and digital marketing launch symbolize a new era of advertising innovation. Under Randhawa’s leadership, the CDA paves the way for a harmonious blend of technology and urban aesthetics, shaping a vibrant cityscape for generations to come.

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