CDA Goes Digital: Revolutionizing Property Services in Islamabad

Islamabad Multiworks: Exciting news for Islamabad residents! The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is set to fully digitize property transactions starting August 14th this year. From purchases to transfers, all property dealings will now be conducted through an e-registry system. This initiative aims to streamline processes and enhance transparency, with Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa leading the charge. Attendees at the CDA headquarters meeting discussed plans for scanning, indexing, and digitizing property records, including historical data. This comprehensive digitalization effort will empower the public by providing access to property records linked to the Nadra system, while also offering GIS mapping services for added convenience. Overseas Pakistanis will especially benefit from the ability to verify property statuses remotely. Multiworks, committed to reliability and its pivotal role in the real estate market, welcomes this initiative, anticipating a significant boost in transaction efficiency and trustworthiness.

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