Islamabad’s Eco-Friendly Transformation: Electric Vehicles and Urban Upgrades

Eco-friendly transformation of Islamabad: In a significant move towards urban modernization and environmental sustainability, Federal Minister for Interior  led a crucial meeting at the Capital Development Authority (CDA) headquarters on Friday, aiming to elevate Islamabad to the status of a world-class city.

As reported on July 8, the CDA will exclusively acquire electric motorbikes in the future, marking a major step in combating environmental pollution. Additionally, plans are underway to introduce eco-friendly electric buses, replacing conventional motorcycles as part of an extensive environmental strategy.

Addressing the city’s critical infrastructure needs, Minister announced the transfer of emergency services administration from the Municipal Corporation Islamabad (MCI) to the CDA. This transition promises to deliver enhanced, internationally standardized emergency services to Islamabad’s residents.

Emphasizing efficient urban management,  highlighted the rapid establishment of the Capital Waste Management Company, with accelerated plans to finalize related matters. This initiative aims to address significant infrastructure gaps and promote urban cleanliness and sustainability.

To tackle the city’s traffic congestion,  outlined immediate construction plans for the Serena Chowk Underpass and the F-9 Park Chowk Flyover projects. Alongside these projects, he prioritized the long-overdue completion of the Expressway project, which is expected to significantly improve traffic flow within Islamabad. Furthermore, he committed to expediting development initiatives in the city’s underdeveloped sectors, ensuring that allottees receive timely possession of their properties.

These comprehensive plans underscore Islamabad’s dedication to evolving into an eco-friendly city through sustainable development, effective urban management, and improved infrastructure. The initiative marks a substantial step towards creating a more sustainable and livable capital for its residents.

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