Glass Train for Tourist to Run Between Rawalpindi and Murree

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has approved the launch of a tourist glass train project between Rawalpindi and Murree, aimed at promoting tourism in the region.

This approval was granted during a meeting in Murree, where the chief minister discussed various projects to enhance the beauty of this popular hill station. To ensure the successful execution of the glass train project, the government plans to hire international consultants.

In addition to the glass train, the chief minister approved several other initiatives for the development and beautification of Murree. One significant decision was to remove high-rise hotel buildings that obstruct the natural scenery of Mall Road in Rawalpindi.

The government also approved the construction and expansion of the old Rawalpindi-Murree-Kashmir Road. Furthermore, there are plans to remove hotels around the GPO Chowk and restore all the old buildings in the area.

These projects are part of a broader effort to enhance Murree’s appeal as a tourist destination. Hundreds of thousands of people from across the country visit this hill station every year, and these initiatives aim to improve their experience.

By implementing these projects, the government hopes to boost tourism and preserve the natural beauty of Murree. The glass train, in particular, is expected to offer tourists a unique and scenic journey between Rawalpindi and Murree, further promoting the region’s attractions.


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