ICT exports of Pakistan

Record High ICT Exports for Pakistan Despite Slow Growth

Islamabad: Pakistan’s ICT exports have soared to unprecedented heights, achieving a new pinnacle of $332 million in May alone, contributing to an annual total surpassing $3.15 billion. This recent surge marks a significant milestone, yet a deeper analysis reveals a more nuanced perspective.

In 2023, ICT exports saw a modest growth of 2.5%, the slowest in 14 years, with telecom services experiencing a slight decline of 0.5%. This subdued growth can be attributed to global economic slowdowns and elevated interest rates, impacting Pakistan’s ICT industry and curtailing spending on discretionary projects. Even global giants like Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services are navigating through challenging periods, reflecting broader market conditions.

Comparing Pakistan’s ICT sector with industry leaders underscores its scale, with a substantial majority of local firms generating revenues under $100,000 annually. Despite crossing the $3 billion mark, Pakistan’s share in the global ICT market remains marginal at 0.0003%, concentrated mainly in the United States and the UAE. There is immense untapped potential in markets like Singapore, where Pakistan earned just $533 million between FY13 and FY22, highlighting missed opportunities beyond traditional hubs.

Technology exports, particularly ICT, have historically been pivotal in addressing Pakistan’s economic challenges, driving substantial growth compared to other sectors. However, recent trends signal a reversal, with projections indicating a downturn in ICT GDP by the fourth quarter FY24. This contrasts sharply with previous years when ICT was a primary growth driver.

Despite current challenges, there is optimism for Pakistan’s ICT future, akin to Japan’s trajectory a decade ago, now achieving ICT exports exceeding $10.3 billion as of 2022. The success stories of Poland and Romania offer a blueprint for Pakistan’s potential ascent to the $10 billion club, contingent on robust policy reforms. The sector’s revival hinges on moving beyond the status quo and implementing strategic reforms to capitalize on renewed momentum.

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ICT exports of Pakistan
Pakistan ICT Exports Recorded High.


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