Chairman CDA Directed Development Completion of All Islamabad New Sectors in Four Months

(CDA Development Update for all the New Sectors of Islamabad)


MULTIWORKS ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has mandated the completion of ongoing development in new sectors within four months. This directive was issued during a critical meeting at CDA headquarters, chaired by CDA Chairman Chaudhary Muhammad Ali Randhawa.

Chairman Randhawa reviewed progress in sectors C-14, C-15, C-16, I-12, and E-12, noting current completion rates of 50% for C-14 and C-15, 45% for E-12, and 80% for I-12. He emphasized the need to remove all obstacles to ensure uninterrupted project completion.

Specifically, Randhawa ordered that development in C-14 be finished by September 2024, with possession handed to allottees. Similarly, I-12/3 and I-12/4 should be completed and transferred to allottees within three months. He also highlighted the importance of appointing consultants for all projects and ensuring third-party validation before making payments.

Currently, CDA has 13 acquired residential sectors, with development stalled in nine. Additionally, nine other sectors have yet to be acquired. While sectors like D-13, E-13, F-13, H-16, C-13, C-14, C-15, and C-16 were acquired in 2008 through a land-sharing formula, only C-14 and C-15 show progress.

The city’s master plan also includes sectors H-13, H-15, H-16, H-14, H-17, D-14, D-15, and D-16 for future development.

Multiworks Highlights Key Developments in Islamabad

At Multiworks, we bring you the latest and most crucial updates on the development of Islamabad’s capital city. The recent directives from CDA Chairman Randhawa mark a significant push towards timely completion of long-delayed projects, aiming to expedite the development process and secure property rights for the residents.

Stay informed with Multiworks as we continue to cover these important advancements in Islamabad’s urban development.

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