CDA to Implement Baku Model for Landscaping in Islamabad, Pakistan

Multiworks, Islamabad: On the directive of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is set to transform Islamabad Pakistan using the landscaping model of Baku. An Azerbaijani delegation recently visited Islamabad Pakistan to evaluate various sites for this purpose. Over three days, these experts in landscaping and renovation assessed areas including Srinagar Highway, Constitution Avenue, Expressway, Daman-i-Koh, Pir Sohawa, Lake View Park, Rose and Jasmine Garden, F-9 Park, Shakarparian, and Melody Food Street.

The team, led by CDA Chairman Mohammad Ali Randhawa, met at the CDA headquarters along with Azeri Ambassador Khazar Farhadov. The delegation’s visit follows Prime Minister Sharif’s instructions from last year to model Islamabad Pakistan’s landscaping after Baku’s renowned green spaces.

A joint meeting between the CDA and the Azerbaijani team concluded with plans to draft proposals to enhance Islamabad Pakistan’s maintenance and landscape aesthetics. The collaboration aims to leverage Azerbaijan’s expertise to beautify Islamabad Pakistan, integrating modern techniques with traditional architectural methods.

Initial discussions included implementing small-scale landscaping on footpaths and pedestrian roads, with plans to start Baku-style landscaping along Srinagar Highway. Improvements to Islamabad Pakistan’s Food Street are also slated for the first phase, employing the expertise of the visiting delegation.

The CDA plans to execute short-term, mid-term, and long-term beautification projects. Post-visit, the Azerbaijani delegation will collaborate online with CDA, and additional meetings may be arranged as needed.

Historically, Islamabad Pakistan was among the world’s most beautiful cities, but unauthorized construction and slums have diminished its aesthetic appeal. Past landscaping projects have also been subpar despite significant funding.

Following his visit to Baku, Prime Minister Sharif had urged CDA to replicate Baku’s landscaping model. Impressed by Azerbaijan’s urban greenery, he sought expert assistance from Azerbaijan to revitalize Islamabad Pakistan.

The new initiative seeks not only to restore but to elevate the beauty of Islamabad Pakistan, ensuring its landscapes meet the highest standards.

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