Islamabad Theme Park Developing: Chinese Delegation Showed Keen Interest

MULTIWORKS ISLAMABAD: In a significant move towards enhancing the beauty and infrastructure of the Federal Capital, a Chinese delegation has expressed strong interest in developing a state-of-the-art Islamabad theme park in Islamabad. This initiative aims to boost the city’s appeal and provide modern recreational facilities to its residents.

The delegation met with Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman and Chief Commissioner of Islamabad, to explore various investment opportunities within the city. Among the topics discussed were the development of the theme park and the conversion of the CDA office building and city streetlights to solar power, showcasing a commitment to sustainable development.

Chairman warmly welcomed the investors from China, emphasizing the importance of such collaborations between brotherly nations. He highlighted the proposed theme park’s potential financial viability as a crucial factor for its success, suggesting that it could become a major attraction and significantly contribute to the local economy.

Appreciating China’s initiative to invest in Pakistan, commissioner Islamabad underscored the mutual benefits that such investments could bring to both countries. He instructed that data regarding the conversion of CDA offices to solar power be shared with the Chinese delegation, indicating a move towards more sustainable energy solutions.

Additionally, Chairman announced plans to seek professional advice from the Ministry of Energy to ensure that the solar conversion plan is robust and efficient. This step underscores the CDA’s commitment to integrating sustainable practices into the city’s infrastructure projects.

The meeting reflects a broader vision for Islamabad’s development, aiming to blend modern recreational facilities with sustainable energy solutions. The proposed Islamabad theme park and solar power initiatives represent a significant stride towards achieving a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing Federal Capital.

This collaboration with Chinese investors not only highlights the international interest in Islamabad’s development but also sets the stage for future partnerships that could further enhance the city’s infrastructure and quality of life for its residents.

Stay tuned with Multiworks for more updates on this exciting development and other projects that continue to shape the future of Islamabad.


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