Introduction to the Square Islamabad

The Square Islamabad is elegant and world-class business center in the Capital Development Approved Park Enclave Islamabad. The Square Islamabad is beyond traditional commercial centers and new smart ideas being incorporated in to its design and amenities with extraordinary finishes. The lower larger and spacious area of the commercial building is specifically allocated to mega businesses and brands with other shops and amenities on other floors for shops and offices. There are 5 floors additional to the lower ground and ground floor.

Moreover, the design of the is stunningly unique and is a master piece in the Islamabad architecture. The offices and shops can have a very pleasant outside view of the 2nd most beautiful capital of the world. It is primly located in the Park Enclave Islamabad. It is very rife for the startups and businesses in the Islamabad Capital Territory of Islamabad.

Multiworks proudly present this commercial venture which is bound to succeed partly due to its prime location and unique and stunning architecture with very affordable prices. We offer very convenient payment options to our valued clients present opportunities and ventures for successful businesses.

We are proud of our previous project The Ark Islamabad, which is a successful story in the commercially hot markaz of Islamabad i.e. I-8 Markaz. The Ark design being inspired from the prophet Noah (A.S) boat and majorly due to its superb location and the architectural design. The same goes for The Square Islamabad.


The Square Islamabad
Square Islamabad Business Center.


Shops at The Square Islamabad:

The unique designs, modern aesthetics, and innovative functionality of The Square Islamabad, including well-designed floor plans offer a unique and amazing opportunity for interested investors. The shops and offices are perfectly designed to meet every needs of a perfect shop and office.

Offices at the Square are too very lucrative. A fine office at a prime location is required for any good running business. The Square Islamabad offers stunning opportunity to all such businesses which lack such an office at place like The Square Islamabad. The offices ambience at The Square Islamabad created a fertile environment for deals confirmation, branding and an ideal space for creating special rapport with clients.

Prime Location:

Square Islamabad within Park Enclave Islamabad, is very prime location in Islamabad CDA approved society. The business center is central placed within the residential area of the Park Enclave with its proximity to other key businesses. The location of the Square Islamabad is also prime because it can be easily access via major roads and by walk by the near residents of the society. Park Enclave being the CDA approved project offer glamorous facility in the 2nd most beautiful capital of the world. 

Floor Plan:

The floor plans of The Square Islamabad, Park Enclave is consisted of five floors with the ground and lower ground floor and a big spacious parking area. The floors contain all business amenities i.e. offices and shops, of various sizes measured in sq. Feet. Shops for sale are available with easy installment plans. The shops and offices are perfectly designed for successful businesses with state-of-the-art technological access to different floors and other features of a world-class commercial business center. The center has also a top pf the roof amenity with open air environment which makes The Square Islamabad as the distinguishable and more enticing choice for investment.

Pricing Details:

The shops and offices available at the Square Islamabad are priced according to the shop designated floor, the size in sq. Feet and its location with facility of the business center. The overall down payment is 30% of the total payment. The possession is offered at 15% of the total payment meaning thereby possession is obtained after paying the down payment. There are 8 quarterly installments for the outstanding amount. The ground floor and lower ground floors shops and offices are priced higher than those of the other higher floors.


Overall, The Square Islamabad is an enticing opportunity for the investors both local and for abroad Pakistanis. The Square Islamabad due to its unique design, perfect location and world-class amenities is concluded to top opportunity in the commercial real estate market of the capital of Pakistan. The prime amenities are the shops and offices with well-planned design and perfect facilities.
The intelligently designed floor plan with the reasonably priced payment plans with and a low down payment with remaining amount in 2 years of duration are the lucrative features of The Square Islamabad. For more detailed information on the payment plans and specified prices can be access at Multiworks. The contact information are given on the website for your convenience.

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Lower ground and ground floor payment plan with shops and offices prices area, and possession payment details.
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