Punjab CM Announces Online Property Transfer Facility for Expats

In a groundbreaking development, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Sharif has announced the launch of an online property transfer facility tailored specifically for expatriate Pakistanis. This initiative aims to streamline and simplify the process of property transactions for overseas Pakistanis, offering a range of convenient services including personalization, mutation, e-filing, and registration.

During a recent meeting, the Chief Minister highlighted the significance of these reforms, emphasizing the need to modernize and digitize property transfer procedures. The discussion also encompassed reforms within the Board of Revenue (BoR) and matters concerning the Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA).

Expressing a strong commitment to providing efficient services to overseas Pakistanis, the Chief Minister issued directives for immediate action to ensure reliable online services for expatriates residing in key regions such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries, and beyond.

This initiative marks a significant step towards enhancing accessibility and convenience for expatriate Pakistanis in managing their property affairs remotely. With the implementation of online property transfer facilities, overseas Pakistanis can expect a smoother and more streamlined experience in handling their real estate transactions, contributing to greater efficiency and transparency in the property sector.

Multiworks applauds this progressive initiative of providing online property transfer facility by the Punjab government and remains committed to supporting expatriate Pakistanis in navigating their property-related endeavors with ease and convenience. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development.

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