Ring Road Rawalpindi Project Phase-I Will be Complete by December

Multiworks Islamabad: Engineer Aamir Khattak, Commissioner of the Rawalpindi Division, announced that the first part of the Ring Road Rawalpindi project will be completed by December. This deadline was set by Chief Minister Punjab.

According to Engineer Khattak, the Annual Development Programme (ADP) includes 315 schemes in the Rawalpindi district, with 226 currently in progress and 89 newly initiated. Among the most significant ongoing projects are the Dadocha Dam and the Rawalpindi Ring Road, both of which are crucial to the city’s development.

The project of Rawalpindi Ring Road is divided into three stages. The first phase involves constructing a 38.3 km stretch from Banth to Thalian. The second phase will connect this route to the motorway, and the third phase includes the Eastern Loop. The first phase, which started in September 2023, is expected to be finished by December 2024. The primary goal of the Rawalpindi Ring Road is to promote industrial growth and alleviate transportation congestion in the region.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road is a game changer for the nearby Chakri societies, especially for Qurtaba City. As DHA Phase is about to launch adjacent to Qurtaba City, the Ring Road Rawalpindi project will further enhance its connectivity and increase the value of its plots.

The strategic completion of the Rawalpindi Ring Road  is anticipated to bring significant economic benefits to the region. Improved infrastructure will likely attract more investments, facilitating industrial development and creating job opportunities. Moreover, the enhanced connectivity provided by the Ring Road Rawalpindi project will make commuting more efficient, reducing travel time and easing traffic congestion.

In conclusion, the timely completion of the  Rawalpindi Ring Road by December marks a pivotal step towards the modernization and growth of Rawalpindi. With substantial progress already made on the project, residents and investors alike can look forward to a future with improved transportation infrastructure and increased economic prospects. The Rwp Ring Road is not just a road; it’s a pathway to progress for the entire region.


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