2024 Outlook: Multiworks’ Vision for a Year of Growth


As we embark on the journey into 2024, Multiworks stands at the forefront of a transformative year, poised for unprecedented growth and success. With an illustrious portfolio comprising projects like Qurtaba City, The Ark Islamabad, AAS Business Centre, The Square Islamabad, Park View City, and the Park Enclave, Multiworks envisions a year marked by innovation, expansion, and new opportunities. Qurtaba City, a flagship venture, emerges as a prime investment prospect, offering a harmonious blend of residential and commercial real estate. Multiworks, as a major shareholder, extends the promise of accessibility with 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal residential plots, featuring flexible installment plans and minimal down payments across all projects. The Ark Islamabad, positioned at the heart of the capital’s commercial hub, signifies a groundbreaking development with intelligent business spaces, set to rival even the iconic Centaurus Islamabad. AAS Business Centre in I-14 Markaz and The Square Islamabad present distinctive concepts, reshaping the commercial and residential landscape, respectively. Park View City and the Park Enclave contribute to the horizontal expansion of Islamabad’s beauty, exemplifying Multiworks’ commitment to creating vibrant, interconnected communities. As we anticipate the unfolding of 2024, Multiworks’ vision resonates with promise, foresight, and a dedication to shaping the real estate future of the nation’s capital.


Qurtaba City: A Pinnacle of Investment Excellence


Qurtaba City is a clean housing society. The name Qurtaba itself is inspired from the historical welfare city of Cordoba, Spain. It reflects progress, peace and happiness. The land of the society is free from any dispute. Most of the housing society had disputes which badly contributed to the real estate sector of Pakistan especially in the twin cities in the last few years. Likewise, the trust and confidence of both local invesors and expatriates got lost. However, Qurtaba City is positioned to grow in the midst of such crisis in 2024 due to its features. Qurtaba City is set to redefine the urban living style in 2024. It is located at a very prime location. The ease of access from twin cities makes it a prime location, which is poised to become an attractive investment opportunity.

 Multiworks envisions Qurtaba City in the year 2024 as the city of growth and progress. As it has best customizable plots for both residential and commercial purposes with potentially High Return on Investment. Qurtaba City majestic attractions i.e. Qurtaba Grand Mosque, an international university and an international standard hospital further adds to the value of the city. As the Qurtaba Jamia Masjid will be one of the biggest 5 Mosques of Pakistan. It will attract both local and foreign tourists. The local tourist will find it a religiously celebrated place just like the Faisal Mosque Islamabad. The foreigner’s tourists too will be inquisitive in the great historical inspired mosque. Apart from the central Grand Mosque each sector will have its own big mosque adding to the facility of the people to easy access to the prayer areas. Additionally, it is gated city planned according to the vision of peace and comfort. Multiworks outlook for 2024 as the year growth cardinally lies in such best housing society.


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Qurtaba Jamia Masjid ~ Qurtaba City

Moreover, the central commercial area is another potential opportunity for economic growth. Apart from the sector specific commercial areas, the core commercial area in the middle of the city will have mega economic activities. This offers another important feature commercial sector investment. The business spaces will have high ROI in the immediate future. The people needs and demands will be high attracting more businesses to its center for supply. Overall, it will add to the growth of local economy and the national economy alike.


Furthermore, the city has bigger parks and play grounds areas, schools, uninterrupted electricity, stunning sight view, fiber-optic connectivity, effective sewerage system and more. It is hoped that this city will be sustainable city as the planned activities are according to the best practices of sustainability. It is poised to reshape the urban lifestyle with such sustainable development.


Multiworks’ holds the interest of every economic equally important. Apart from bigger spaces with value that could be afforded by very few capable class, it offers affordable 5 marla and 10 marla plots at an affordable cost. Its payment plan for Qurtaba City are very easy, as the prices are less and the down payment is 20 %. The remaining 80% can payed in easy installments of 2 years. The possession can be easily obtained with 50% payment. This makes Qurtaba City as advantageous for the salaried person too. Those who plan to invest with meagre resources can have plots in the city.

In conclusion, these factors make Qurtaba City a good investment destination set for exponential growth in the promising year of 2024.


The Ark Islamabad: Redefining Commercial Landscapes

A ship shaped tall tower with many floors and spacious parking area with happy visitors. The beautiful background sky view and its sky high height makes it an majestic spot in the commercial hub of Islamabad i-8 markaz. It is portrayed from multiworks website with offering retail shops and offices, and other business spaces.
The Ark Islamabad ~ Multiworks



The Ark I 8 Islamabad has become the tallest building in the I 8 Islamabad sector. It is a commercial center in the I 8 Markaz heart. The stunning architectural design in the shape of boat The Ark Islamabad is inspired from the Noah’ ark. This is a signature project of Multiworks. The tower is built from the stae-of-the art materials. It is technologically advanced with facilities of lifts, stairs and standard air conditioning. The arena is designed to be pleasing business men and shoppers. Multiworks offers smart business spaces including shops, offices, pharmacies, cafes and more. The Ark Islamabad is must to invest place for commercial real estate. As, the recently developed I 8 Markaz has got the attention of the elite class and has overtaken the F-10 Markaz in volume of business activities. It is a symbol of growth and innovation in 2024. The prime location and with its unique design it will be the most attractive commercial area for Islamabadians.  Multiworks’ strategic role as a major shareholder ensures that The Ark Islamabad isn’t just a commercial venture but a strategic investment contributing significantly to the company’s growth trajectory.


AAS Business Centre: Transforming I-14 Markaz

CDA Approved, I 14 Islamabad, I 14 Markaz, AAS Business Centre, Commercial Centre, strategic location, promising venture,
AAS Business Centre ~ Multiworkspk

AAS Business center is another landmark commercial project at the fast commercializing Markaz I 14 Islamabad. It is strategically located at a prime location in I 14 Markaz. This is specifically planned to cater the needs and demands of Islamabad sectors I 14 I15, I 16, and Taj Residencia. After the successful project-The Ark Islamabad- AAS Business Center is to commercialize I 14 Markaz with large number of residents.

AAS Business Center has a stunningly unique design with smart business spaces. Multiworks, a leading real estate investment firm offer shops and offices at AAS Business Center. The prospects of the project are bright due to its location, stunning design and the best amenities it offers. It is having potential high ROI as evidenced from other commercial projects in Islamabad. Multiworks feature this commercial project as opportunity for growth in 2024 for all the investors. In sum, after The Ark Islamabad , AAS Business Center is must to invest commercial venture for higher revenue and profit in 2024.


The Square Islamabad: Fusion of Residential and Commercial Excellence


The Square Islamabad high rise building with the residential portion on the upper floors and the commercial sector on the ground floor with a big spacious parking and a fantastic background view due to sky and the margalla hills mountains. Multiworks
The Square Islamabad~ Multiworks

The Square Islamabad, a visionary concept brought to life. The concept recombines the residential and commercial spaces in one place. The idea is to build spaces that provides residential flats along with commercial area fulfilling their needs and demands. Basically, all such existing residential projects are having low commercial spaces and make it difficult for their respective residents to easily access the facilities of a business area. The Square Islamabad is positioned in business hub along with having its own commercial area. This makes a perfect living spaces with self-sufficiency and reliability.


The Square Islamabad is also primly located. This is another potential opportunity for growth in 2024 for customers and investors alike. Multiworkss offer easy and affordable installments plans 2.15 years. The down payment is also less. The attraction of the project clearly lies in its unique design, location and its best state-of-the-art amenities. The building act as a symbol of growth and progress. Multiworks numbers as top residential real estate project in Islamabad.


Park View City and Park Enclave: Expanding Horizons

Park View City, Islamabad, Multiworks, Best City, attractive views, residential and commercial property.


Multiworks’ commitment to the horizontal expansion of Islamabad’s beauty unfolds through Park View City and the Park Enclave. These projects, marked by meticulous planning and an eye for aesthetics, signify Multiworks’ dedication to creating vibrant, interconnected communities. They both are approved from Capital Development Authority-CDA.As these projects bloom in 2024, Multiworks stands as a catalyst for growth, shaping the city’s landscape with a blend of residential elegance and natural splendor.



In the landscape of Islamabad’s real estate, the year 2024 stands as a canvas for unprecedented growth, with Multiworks as the masterful artist wielding the brush. As we delve into the realms of Qurtaba City, The Ark Islamabad, AAS Business Centre, The Square Islamabad, Park View City, and the Park Enclave, it becomes evident that Multiworks is not merely a developer; it’s an architect of dreams, a catalyst for transformation, and a steward of innovation.


Qurtaba City, with its diverse investment opportunities, mirrors Multiworks’ commitment to providing accessible real estate avenues. The Ark Islamabad, destined to grace the skyline, showcases Multiworks’ prowess in redefining commercial landscapes. AAS Business Centre’s transformative impact on I-14 Markaz and The Square Islamabad’s fusion of residential and commercial brilliance underscore Multiworks’ dedication to shaping the urban narrative.


Park View City and Park Enclave, projects dedicated to expanding the city’s horizons, embody Multiworks’ vision for creating interconnected, thriving communities. In the backdrop of these ventures, Multiworks’ role as a major shareholder is not just financial; it’s a commitment to the growth and prosperity of Islamabad.


As the sun sets on 2024, Multiworks stands tall, its projects woven into the fabric of Islamabad’s evolving identity. The journey from Qurtaba City’s residential allure to The Ark’s towering silhouette, from AAS Business Centre’s commercial renaissance to The Square’s fusion of spaces, paints a narrative of resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication.


In closing, Multiworks’ imprint on Islamabad’s real estate canvas is more than a series of projects; it’s a legacy of growth, a testament to visionary leadership, and a promise that the year 2024 is not just an opportunity for Multiworks but a celebration of shared success with those who believe in the extraordinary.

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