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Main View of the City Inside with scenic front gate
Qurtaba City Islamabad

Welcome! Qurtaba City Islamabad – City of Peace and Knowledge

Qurtaba City Islamabad shines as NOC approved, eco-conscious, securely gated and perfectly positioned community in the heart of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is the twin cities’ unique society is a spiritually and historically inspired society having a traditional touch along with modernity in terms of advanced digitalization, grand development and infrastructure. Qurtaba City Islamabad proudly incorporates the vision of City of Cordoba of Spain that marked the golden period of Islamic era in the entire world. This finest housing project adds a unique value to the Islamabad’s living standards and vision.

Qurtaba City Islamabad is Multiworks’ Flagship Project. It proudly presents its residential and commercial properties. Located directly at Chakri Toll Plaza on M-2 Motorway, the city is just 15 minutes away from the Islamabad International Airport and at 20 minutes’ distance from Rawalpindi Saddar via Dhamial. The adjacent society to gated community is DHA Phase 9 also known as Gandhara City to the North-East direction. Moreover, the other Islamabad’s rising societies like Capital Smart City, are nearly located to Qurtaba City Islamabad. The construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road will further shorten the travel time and further enhance its improved accessibility.

Geographically speaking, the Qurtaba City Islamabad is spread over an approved land of more than 7000 Kanal. It is located between the two rivers i.e. River Sil and River Soan, and further beautified by the surrounding Moorat Mountains. The City scenic views on the river-side development make it a favorite vacation destination.

Qurtaba City Islamabad is an old housing society approved and started in the early. Now it has potential prospects for greater appreciation of its properties value due to horizontal expansion of the twin-cities, launching of DHA Phase 9, and early completion of Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Furthermore, the unique characteristic of the Qurtaba City is that it is a family-orientated housing society. There are certain amenities designed exclusively for women and children. Qurtaba women designated commercial center is one of such amenity. The Aaghosh Welfare Center is aimed at providing free food, shelter and education to the orphans of the community.

The mega projects of the city include Qurtaba International University on 872 Kanal land at the core of the city, Qurtaba Grand Mosque (5th blargest mosque of Pakistan), and Mega Commercial Centre.

Qurtaba City Islamabad - Flagship Project of Multiworks 

Multiworks being the major shareholder of the Qurtaba City proudly sponsor this NOC approved project. The typical residential properties of sizes 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 kanal plots are offered by Multiworks along with commercial 5.33 Marla and 8 Marla plots.

Additionally, the honorable CEO Multiworks, Ghulam Sarwar Gondal is also the director of HSSR developers and Constructors of the gated community and leading board member of Qurtaba City. This factor enhances the Multiworks role in developing Qurtaba City. The services of the company are expansive ranging from real estate management to construction and development. Multiworks is the proud official partner of the Park View City Islamabad and Eighteen Islamabad.

Qurtaba City Location and Accessibility

Qurtaba City map location, DHA Gandhara, Phase 9, transparent societ
Qurtaba City Map Location – Multiworks

The geographical location of housing society as per the Qurtaba City map and its master plan, is in the heart of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Qurtaba City map shows that the area between two rivers or more suitable in Urdu diction “Doaab” of River Sil and Sowan with the surrounding Mooraat Hills in the scenic Photohaar valley. The land of Qurtaba City is very fertile and its water table is pure, free from contamination and very suitable for drinking unlike other typical urban centers. The tube-well water is so fresh, pure and with natural minerals that almost require no purification.

The location in terms of accessibility is perfectly convenient. It can be accessed from Islamabad International Airport via M-2 Motorway, Rawalpindi through Saddar Dhamial, Thalliann Interchange M-2 Motorway, and from China-Pakistan Economic Corridor-CPEC western route.  A new Interchange on the M-2 motorway will directly land in the heart of the Qurtaba City. The early completion of the physical work of Rawalpindi Ring Road will greatly reduce its reach time and further improve its accessibility. To the south of the city Chahan dam is located. Moreover, ranger headquarter and cadet college is in nearby vicinity of the city.

Accessibility from different points with drive time:

  • 1 Minute drive from Chakri Interchange or Toll Plaza (M-2)

  • 15 Minute Drive from Islamabad International Airport

  • 10 Minute Drive: Rawalpindi Ring Road Leading to Qurtaba City via Chakri Road

  • 10 Minute Drive from Thallian Interchange (M-2)

  • 20 Minute Drive Rawalpindi Saddar Via Dhamial Road

  • Access from CPEC Western Route (25 Minute Drive)

  • Near Rangers Headquarters and Cadet College 


Convenient Access

The gated community boasts an unmatched location, offering residents the best of both worlds: easy access and peaceful living. Situated just a 10-minute drive from Thalian Interchange and the Rawalpindi Ring Road, Qurtaba City ensures seamless connectivity to major transportation arteries. 

Furthermore, Islamabad International Airport is a mere 15 minutes away, making traveling a breeze. This prime location allows residents to enjoy the convenience of city life while escaping the Islamabad-Rawalpindi rush and noise and  be in their tranquil City haven.

Convenient access of the Qurtaba City from Islamabad Rawalpindi

Qurtaba City Master Plan

Navigate the future with the intricately designed the gated community Master Plan, a testament to meticulous urban planning and thoughtful infrastructure. This visionary roadmap is the guiding blueprint for a flourishing urban enclave where the essence of Qurtaba City comes to life.

Informationally, the Qurtaba City  Master Plan, the expansive landscape of the city is strategically divided into zones, each dedicated to specific functions and amenities. The seamless integration of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces creates a holistic living experience, fostering a vibrant community for its residents.

Likely, the master plan boasts wide road networks, ranging from 100ft to 300ft, ensuring smooth connectivity throughout the city. Strategic connections between zones prioritize accessibility and ease of movement. Coupled with, grand avenues, green fields, and riverbank areas are thoughtfully woven into the plan, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and natural beauty of the surroundings.

Moreover, Notable features within the visionary Master Plan include the allocation of specific areas for essential facilities such as schools, parks, hospitals, and commercial spaces. The crowning jewels of the plan are the grand Qurtaba Jamia Masjid, spanning 190 kanals, and international standards health care unit sprawling across 200 kanals.

Interestingly, The Qurtaba City Master Plan is more than a document; it’s a living, breathing roadmap guiding the development of a community where history, culture, and modernity seamlessly converge. As this master plan unfolds, it envisions a city where residents not only reside but also work and thrive in an environment that stands as a testament to thoughtful urban planning and a commitment to a vibrant future. Explore the visionary Qurtaba City Master Plan, where the future unfolds with purpose and precision.

Qurtaba City Master Plan, Multiworks, Real Estate, Qurtaba City Map Qurtaba City Master Plan – Multiworks

NOC Approved Housing Society

The biggest factor in any residential real estate project is its approval from the concerned development authority. Qurtaba City Islamabad is one of the residential project that has bragging rights over its long approval from the concerned development authority. It is registered under NOC-TMA-105. The development authority scrutinizes the project legal aspect as well as environmental feasibility before granting approval. The first step involved in approval is the Lay Out Plan-LOP approval and the No Objection Certificate-NOC approval is granted in later stage. Informationally, the real problem with Pakistan real estate market is this legal aspect. It is the distinguishing factor for any society to have its NOC approval from the concerned authority. The land of the Qurtaba City is fully dispute-free and perfectly fenced and gated from the outside environment.  

Qurtaba City Plots for Sale – Types, Sizes, and Prices

Qurtaba City Islamabad has different amenities ranging residential to commercial plots. The Qurtaba City plots for sale available are primarily of two types i.e. residential and commercial. The residential plots are commonly known as Qurtaba Residencia. It is spread over its 26 sectors or blocks. The commercial plots are spread over all blocks located at the center of each sector which are termed as sector commercial plots and the central mega commercial center known as the Commercial City Center at the heart of the city with spacious plots for mage commercial activity. Let’s explore all the plots for sale.

  • Qurtaba City Residencia

Qurtaba City Islamabad is a housing project which is aimed at developing a community with welfare standards and purposeful living. Diversity, fraternity, and peace and knowledge flourishes in Qurtaba City Residencia. The residential plots are enriched with associated commercial center, mosque, schools and parks and playgrounds. The far flung areas have also allotted space for the graveyards which is a unique aspect of this society and most housing projects lacks this feature.

The sizes of Qurtaba City residential plots for sale are:

  • 5 Marla (138 Sq. Yards) or (25 x 50)

  • 10 Marla (272 Sq. Yards) or (35 x 70) and

  • 1 Kanal (500 Sq. Yards) or (50 x 90)

  • 1 Kanal (50×100)

These are the Qurtaba City’s typical residential plots sizes in all the 26 sectors and blocks. The details about the prices are stated in the payment plan section. However, the general prices for 5 Marla is 30 lacs, for 10 Marla is 45 lacs and for 1 Kanal is 65 lacs on installments of 2 years. The down payment of which is 20% of the total amount. These plots are completely and instantly ready for possession if one pays 50% of payment. A usually 10% discount is offered on lump sum payment. Multiworks offer concessions and discounts on special occasions. During this Ramadhan 2024, we were offering 10% special discount with development charges amounting to zero. Frequently visit our website for the latest news and updates.

Commercial Area of the housing society, Multiworks, Equidistance from points of the housing society
Central commercial arena of the housing society.

Qurtaba City Commercial Plots for Sale: Types, Sizes, and Prices

Qurtaba City MallCommercial amenities make the success of a housing project more rigorous pace. The only residential enclave without commercial amenities are not bound to succeed. The housing society particularly incorporates commercial spots in line the residential nearby living people. The master plan is designed with diligent care and repeated brainstorming. Qurtaba City commercial plots are of two kinds viz.

  • Sector Commercial Plots for Sale

  • Central Commercial Plots for Sale

The size of the sector commercial is 5.33 Marla while the size of the central commercial is 8 Marla. There are other plots with bigger and larger sizes up to 8 Kanal in the central commercial arena.

The detail prices are explained in the payment plan section however, the typical prices for the 5.33 Marla sector commercial is PKR 5,330,000 while the larger 8 Marla central commercial is PKR 12,000,000. The prices are allotted for the two-year installment plan with 20% down payment of the principle amount and possession at 50%. The possession amount is once paid one immediately start constructing it. This is on ground available plots ready for possession.


Payment Plan (Easy Ownership Options)

Multiworks is an Islamabad-based highly reliable real estate management company with top-notch and NOC approved projects. We are presenting a clear crystal Qurtaba City payment plan, an ownership path. We are offering 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 20 Marla or 1 Kanal residential plots and 5.33 Marla and 8 Marla commercial plots.

  • Down Payment

The down payment on overall properties i.e. residential and commercial is 20% of the principle amount. The remaining payment be paid in opting for two options. The monthly option or quarter option in a two-time span.

  • 2 Years Long Installment Plan

The outstanding amount after paying 20% of down payment is conveniently spread over a period of two years. The amount can be paid in 24 monthly installment or 8 quarters installments.


  • Possession on 50% Payment:

The Qurtaba City Plots are immediately ready for possession after paying 50% of the principal amount. This a convenient aspect by Multiworks for their valued clients.


  • 10% Off on Full Payment:

The full payment options is highly encouraged by Multiworks for the fast development of society. Moreover, expatriates are highly encouraged to pay in dollars for improving our national economy.

Additional Payment Option:
  • Balloon Payment Option: Balloon payment is not offered directly, however, subject to one’s financial conditions a lower down payment followe by larger amount of installment can be explored.
Fully Transparent Payment Plan Plan:
  • Development Charges & Fees: Please note that these charges are exclusive of development charges, government taxes, and any associated fees.
  • Discount Advantage: Make a lump sum payment and enjoy a rewarding 10% discount on the remaining price.
  • Category Charges: Boulevard facing and corner plots may incur an additional 10% charge.
  • Timely Payments: Ensure your installment payments are deposited by the 1st of each installment month.


Commercial Payment Plan, Central Commercial and Sub Sector Commercial amount downpament, Quaterly Amount multiworks
Qurtaba City Commercial Payment Plan


Qurtaba City Islamabad is highly reliable real estate project of the twin cities. The owner of city is none other than the renowned personality and a former member of National Assembly of Pakistan Liaqat Baloch. He is leading figure of the Pakistan Jamat-i-Islami political party. Multiworks is the key shareholder of the Qurtaba City Islamabad and also it is Multiworks’ flagship project.

Qurtaba City Developer

The development of the Qurtaba City is with the Madinat-ul-Ilm and HSSR. Multiworks Hon’ble CEO Ghulam Sarwar Gondal is director HSSR meaning thereby Multioworks is also developing Qurtaba City Islamabad. Whoever, intends to construct homes, commercial amenity or other construction, the services of Multiworks can be applied.

An attractive business office with its CEO on its chair posing for a picture. Multiworks Real Estate Investment Firm, Islamabad, D Chowk Jinnah Avenue Blue Area.
Ghulam Sarwar Gondal, CEO at Multiworks

Other Multiworks’ projects are The Square Islamabad, and the Ark Islamabad. We are also the official Sales partners of Eighteen Islamabad and Park View City Islamabad

Qurtaba Grand Mosque/ Qurtaba Jamia Masjid

The most stunning feature of the Qurtaba City Islamabad is Qurtaba City Grand mosque. It is designed by a Spanish architect over a land of 192 Kanal in the very hear of the city reflecting the spirituality and inspiration from the City of Cordoba. This is among the fifth largest mosque of Pakistan.

The mosque will provide praying area to the largest number of worshippers and the it will also be an attractive spot for both the local and international tourists to visit such as huge architecture like Badshahi Mosque and Faisal Mosque and Badshahi Mosque.


Qurtaba Jamia Masjid, Qurtaba Grand Mosque, Multiworks, Real Estate, peace and spirituality, biggest praying area, environment, sustainable environment, Promising investment
Qurtaba Jamia Masjid ~ Qurtaba City


Recreational and Entertainment Facilities at Qurtaba City

The Qurtaba City living is a historically inspired living on modern lines. The physical health along with mental wellbeing is the cornerstone of a welfare community. It is partly the need of this necessity the City has well planned recreational and entertaining facilities for its residents. Parks, play grounds, sports complex, community center are a few to name. Qurtaba Jamia Masjid is the 5th largest mosque in Pakistan. The mosque will be visited by local and foreigner tourist alike making it a good spot for design and architecture.

The Aagosh Center at the City is a very generous community center. The orphan children of the community will be provided food, shelter, education and psychological assistance to make them the valuable member of the community.

Dar Ul Hifiz is another interesting feature of the community where qur’anic memorization and teaching will be inculcated to the kids and other interested members of the community. A life inspired on the lines of divine revelations with the incorporation of modern needs and necessities are integral part of City living. 

Educational and Healthcare Institutions

The City of Peace and Knowledge is boldly illustrating the vision of the city towards education and better living standards. There major educational institutions given below;

  • Qurtaba International University

This is a mega university in the heart of the city with large portion of land – 872 Kanal – solely dedicated for its construction.

Qurtaba International University, Multiworks, Real Estate, Approved housing society, best housing society, safe investment, Prime Location, Amenities, peaceful environment, green lush, sustainable environment, secure investment
Qurtaba City International University front side with sunlight pouring its light on it.


  • Qurtaba City Sector Schools

Qurtaba City has numerous educational institutes i.e. schools, Madrassah and other welfare educational centers. There are number schools built and operational now. The school are equipped with spacious lands for grounds, modern class room facilities and more.

  • Aagosh Center

Qurtaba City has a welfare organization by the name Aagosh Center where the orphans are taken care of in respect to food, shelter and modern education and psychological support.

Moreover, focusing on the health and well being of the residents of the city, state-of-the-art health care unit is planned along with the international university.  This hospital will offer advanced health care services of international standards. Many spaces are left iin commercial sector pharmacies and other private sector hospitals and clinics. The society sponsored hospital is  Qurtaba Hospital.

Infrastructure and Utilities

The housing scheme is one of the fast developing housing project with a range of major amenities being already built. The Qurtaba City roads are almost fully carpeted in most sectors. The schools   and mosques at the well-developed sectors are already operational and the Qurtaba City main gate is beautifully designed giving a pleasant sense of the city ambience.

How Qurtaba City Islamabad Stands Out from the Rest?

There are certain features that distinguishes Qurtaba City Islamabad from the rest of housing other societies in Islamabad.

  1. Inspired Living – Enlivens Golden Islamic Period
  2. Separately Designated Mega Commercial Center for Women – Elevated Status of Women
  3. Qurtaba International University (872 Kanal) – Glorifies Education and Knowledge
  4. 5th Largest Mosque of Pakistan for Worship, and Domestic and Foreign Tourism – A Symbol of Peace and Harmony
  5. State-of-the-Art Healthcare Center – Prioritizes Health and Wellbeing
  6. Graveyards in the Suburbs of City – Space for the Final Abode
  7. Duly NOC Approved Status from RDA – Transparency and Trust Atop
  8. In the heart of twin cities – DHA Phase 9 Aside and Capital Smart City in Nearby Vicinity
  9. Ring Road Connectivity – Convenient Access
  10. Very Affordable Prices

How to Purchase Plot at Qurtaba City Islamabad?

Visiting the property Site

Multiworks highly recommends to visit the property site prior to purchasing property anywhere as seeing is believing. Secondly, the NOC approval must be confirmed from official sources. The Qurtaba City NOC approval status can be accessed from RDA official website. This gives independence of confirmation to anyone confirming the NOC status of the housing society.

Purchase Plots in Qurtaba City Islamabad with Multiworks

Although, property purchase and sale is a complex process owing to its intricacies of taxation and other developmental fees structures, yet Multiworks – trusted property management firm – eases this process for its valued customers. To purchase plots at Qurtaba City Islamabad, the customers are required to bring basic identity documents i.e. Computerized National Identity Card – CNIC, passport sizes pictures. A basic form is required to be filled by the customer for processing of the given plot.

Multiworks being the major shareholder of Qurtaba City Islamabad processes the plot after confirmed booking and pass the ownership titles to the customers within due time from Qurtaba City Islamabad. Afterwards, the customer is bound to abide by the payment plan to make smooth transactions as agreed as per the payment plan.

Qurtaba City Investment Potential

This is a promising society of the now in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The prices and valuation of its real estate are going be manifold in the near coming months. It is due to the two reasons. Firstly, the Rawalpindi Ring Road is directed by the concerned official authority for its completion in the forthcoming December month. This will greatly further enhance the city’s accessibility from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Secondly, the DHA Islamabad Phase 9 or Ghandhara City is launched directly to Qurtaba City which will three-fold the price of the Qurtaba City Land.


In the backdrop of such developments the investment potential of the Qurtaba City Islamabad can be said to have higher prospect in the near coming months. It is best for both local clients who wants to shift to a peaceful and serene location directly to Islamabad and the Pakistanis expats who needs to own a golden piece of land in the twin cities.  


The prices for 1 Kanal in DHA Phase 9 is likely to be more than 2 crores while the current prices of larger 1 kanal price at the Qurtaba City Islamabad is merely 65 lacs. This is huge difference for the same land and same location. This will positively appreciate the gated community prices.


Experience the grandeur and modern amenities of this reliable and peaceful housing society. Come discover a community with Multiworks that redefines urban landscapes.

Click on  Qurtaba Housing City FAQs  for more detailed information!

Qurtaba City Development Status

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