Decoding Qurtaba City: 50 FAQs About the Finest Housing Society


Welcome to the ultimate guide on Qurtaba City Housing Society, the epitome of luxury and innovation in Islamabad’s real estate landscape. Nestled amidst the scenic Khairi Moorat Mountains on the M-2 Chakri terminal of the Motorway, Qurtaba City Housing Society spans an expansive 7000 kanals, drawing inspiration from the architectural marvels of Cordoba, Spain, during the golden Islamic period. This meticulously planned housing society, developed by the esteemed Madinat ul Ilm, is strategically positioned between the Sill and Saowan rivers, offering a lush green environment. Qurtaba City Housing Society boasts easy accessibility from Islamabad International Airport, Rawalpindi, and central Islamabad, establishing itself as the best housing society in Islamabad’s real estate domain. 

Multiworks, an emerging real estate investment firm with over two decades of experience, proudly presents this comprehensive FAQ guide. Delve into the 50 FAQs covering every aspect of Qurtaba City, including its grand attractions like the monumental Qurtaba Jamia Masjid, International Qurtaba University, a state-of-the-art International Hospital, and unique initiatives like the Aagosh Center for orphan care. Join us as we explore the vision, amenities, and payment plans, showcasing why Qurtaba City Housing Society stands as a beacon of excellence in Islamabad’s real estate landscape.

This blog post, meticulously crafted by Multiworks, the best real estate investment firm with a wealth of experience, serves a singular purpose — to provide you with answers to the top 50 FAQs about Qurtaba City Housing Society. Whether you are a prospective investor or an individual curious about this distinguished housing society, be with us exploring the key facets, amenities, and intricacies that make Qurtaba City Housing Society the pinnacle of excellence in Islamabad’s real estate landscape.

50 FAQs about Qurtaba City Housing Society: Your Ultimate Guide

Qurtaba Housing Society Location & Vision:

  • Where is Qurtaba City located?
  • Qurtaba City Housing Society boasts a strategic location nestled adjacent to Chakri terminal on the M-2 Motorway. This prime position offers unparalleled convenience, placing residents within minutes of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Dhamial, and the CPEC western route. Moreover, its geographic blessing between the serene Sill and Soawan rivers creates a lush, green haven with pristine air and a peaceful atmosphere. This unique combination of easy access and verdant tranquility sets Qurtaba City Housing Society apart from other housing societies in the region.
Qurtaba City Location via Map ~ Multiworks
Qurtaba City map location, Geographical location, airport, rawalpindi, chakri Interchange, SPD, suparco, CPEC Route, DHA Gandhara, Phase 9, transparent society
Qurtaba City Map Location – Multiworks
  • What was the inspiration behind Qurtaba City’s  design and concept?
  • Drawing inspiration from Cordoba, Spain’s golden Islamic era, Qurtaba City Housing Society embodies architectural brilliance and spiritual refinement. This inspiration comes alive in the majestic Qurtaba Grand Mosque, destined to be one of Pakistan’s top five. This dedication to spiritual well-being sets Qurtaba City Housing Society apart as a housing society that prioritizes community and faith alongside modern development.
  • How vast is the land area of Qurtaba City Housing Community?
  • Spanning an impressive 7000 kanals, Qurtaba City Housing Society promises spaciousness and tranquility unmatched by most housing societies. Imagine grand avenues winding through lush greenery, offering ample land for both commercial and residential spaces. This expansive canvas ensures affordable living options without compromising on comfort or green vistas.
Qurtaba City Main Boulevard along with wide side roads and the overall ambience of the city
Main Boulevard
  • What type of environment does Qurtaba City Housing Society offer?
  • Nestled between the tranquil Sill and Soawan rivers, Qurtaba City Housing Society guarantees a pollutant-free, verdant environment. Residents can breathe easy amidst lush greenery, enjoying the serenity of nature right at their doorstep. This healthy, peaceful atmosphere significantly elevates the quality of life within the housing society, promoting well-being and a connection to nature.
  • How is Qurtaba City Housing Scheme positioned in terms of connectivity to key areas?
  • Qurtaba City Housing Society’s strategic location on the M-2 Motorway connects residents to Islamabad International Airport (25 minutes away), the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway (5 minutes), and the CPEC Western Route (10 minutes). This unparalleled connectivity makes this housing society ideal for residents who value both convenience and a peaceful escape from the urban bustle.
  • Who is the developer behind Qurtaba City Residential Society, and what is their vision?
  • The developer behind Qurtaba City Housing Society is Madinat-Ilm, a renowned company committed to creating communities that enrich lives. Their vision is to build a thriving, harmonious environment, offering residents a perfect blend of modern living, spiritual guidance, and environmental sustainability. Think peaceful green spaces, grand architecture, and a strong focus on community well-being.


Amenities & Facilities: Qurtaba Housing Society

  • What are the educational facilities available within Qurtaba City?
  • Qurtaba City holds education as of foremost importance with in the community. An international standard university Qurtaba International University is being allocated 872 Kanal of land in the center of the city. Moreover, every sub-sector will have its own designated school and mosques for primary and secondary education. Colleges for higher secondary schools are planned as per the housing capacity. Qurtaba City Housing Society considers education as passport to the future.
  • Does Qurtaba City Housing Society have healthcare facilities like hospitals or clinics?
  • Qurtaba City Housing Society has planned a big spacious hospital at equidistance from all the points of the city. It will be an international standard hospital catering the health care needs of the residents of the city. Moreover, sub-sector health care units and private clinics are left spaces for.
  • What recreational and leisure amenities are offered in Qurtaba City Housing Society?
  • Qurtaba City take entertainment and leisure activities very crucial for the well-being and happiness of their residents. Amusement parks, playgrounds, city sights viewing spots are planned in accordance with this requirement to become the best housing society in Islamabad. Zoos and Safari Parks are also planned for this purpose. Moreover, the overall ambiance of the city is noise pollution free with comfort from the green lush environment put a positive sentiment on the faces of their residents.
  • Are there parks, gardens, or green spaces for residents to enjoy?
  • There are a lot parks. Gardens and green spaces for the residents. As discussed earlier, the Qurtaba City Housing Society overall vibe is filled with lush greenery, peaceful environment, pollution free surrounding. Literally, every place will give a warming vibe to the residents seeking to enjoy the nature. This city is planned to have nature-based city without the touch of busy city hustles.
  • What provisions are made for sports enthusiasts within Qurtaba City Housing Society?
  • The playground areas will contain different sport facilities. Every sport enthusiast be it cricket, Squash, Badminton, Volley Ball Cricket Foot Ball will have its own designated place in every sub sector playground.
  • Does Qurtaba City Housing Society have dedicated spaces for religious activities?
  • Qurtraba Grand Mosque will become the new Faisal Mosque of Islamabad. As it is set to become the 5th largest mosque of Pakistan. People will have easy access to this grand mosque for prayers especially for the EID’s prayers. This mosque will accommodate large number of worshippers. Furthermore, sub-sector mosque will accommodate the corresponding sector residents for their daily 5 five times prayers. The mosque will also provide opportunity for children for gaining religious education with ease.
  • What kind of shopping and commercial facilities are available?
  • The commercial needs of the residents will be fulfilled by the mega central commercial area. Interestingly, the distinct needs of the women are also taken. As a separate commercial area only for women is also planned. This creates a lot of easiness and comfort for the women who do not want intermingle with men in bazars and commercial areas. Moreover, every sector will also have its own commercial markets fulfilling the needs of the corresponding sector.
  • Will there be community centers or cultural hubs within Qurtaba City Housing Project?
  • Yes, Qurtaba City  offers Qurtaba Grand Mosque, Aaghosh Center and Dar ul Hifz which act as community centers and cultural hubs Qurtaba City Housing Society. The Grand Mosque will act an assembly space for the whole residents commonly where different scholars will provide services to the people. The Aaghosh Center is one of the unique feature of Qurtaba City Housing Society. It will be a dedicated to the catering of needs of the orphans under the spirit of services to the public. Libraries and small museum centers will cover the cultural aspect of the community.

Qurtaba Housing Society Residential Options & Features:

  • What types of residential properties are available in Qurtaba City Housing Society?
  • The Qurtaba City Housing Society Residencia has grand architectural designs and resilient planning according the needs and demands of the respective residents of each sector. All the sub-sectors of the city have its own amenities of a mosque, school, park and a central placed market. There 138 sq. Yards, 272 sq. Yards and 500 sq. Yards plots designed according to the financial status of every resident. In other words, 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 kanal residential plots are meticulously designed. These are to cater the need of every resident i.e. rich, poor and middle class.
  • Are there different sizes and styles of houses to choose from?
  • Yes, there are diverse sizes and types for houses to build in the city. The 5 marla, 10 Marla and 1 kanal are typical sizes however, the flexible planning has made it easy to own customizable spaces within the residencia of the Qurtaba City Housing Society.
  • What standard of construction and materials are used for residences?
  • State-of-the Art construction materials are use residences. The HSSR is a signature name in the construction and development in Pakistan. Earth-quake proof materials are being implied for the construction of residences. Factories and machineries related to construction are installed in this regard.
  • Are there options for luxury or premium housing within Qurtaba City Housing community?
  • The 1 Kanal plot is the premium plot size to build a luxurious house on it. A dream home can be built on such huge plot as per the design of the resident.
Best Housing society in Islamabad Suburbs, Qurtaba City Premium plots
Qurtaba City 1 Kanal Plot.
  • What safety and security measures are in place for residents?
  • Qurtaba City is gated community and is completely fence from outside that makes much comfortable and makes the residents mind at peace. The 24/7 smart security via CCTV camera and security is ensured to the best of the ability.
  • Does Qurtaba City Housing Society offer smart home technology or automation features?
  • Smart homes or home automation feature is something that is completely the discretion of the residents. Any possible technology can have used by the resident to make own home more comfortable and technological advanced.
  • Will there be dedicated parking spaces for residents and visitors?
  •     Yes, spacious parking spaces are being built for the residents and visitors. Every commercial center and other grand facilities are given wide parking spaces to remove the unnecessary congestion.
  • How is waste management handled within Qurtaba City?
  • The sewage treatment plants are installed for this purpose. Additionally, Separate solid waste management system is in place too.
  • What kind of maintenance services are provided for residents?
  • The 300foot, 200foot, 100foot, spacious inter-block roads are constructed and maintained by the administration. Additionally, a minimum 40-foot-wide streets are also maintained. The system Underground electricity to prevent hazards are thereby maintained. Moreover, footpaths, street lights, and green belts are also maintained.

The Housing Society Community & Lifestyle:

  • What kind of community events or activities are planned in Qurtaba City Housing Society?
  • Zoos, Safari Parks, Playgrounds for sports, Mosque and Aaghosh Center are being designed for the community events and activities.
  • Will there be dedicated spaces for children to play and learn?
  • Yes, there will dedicated spaces like playgrounds for children and family along with the Aaghosh Center.
  • Are there plans for pet-friendly policies or amenities?
  • Yes, Qurtaba City Housing Society is following sustainable practices and has ensured animal rights are protected up to the best of its ability in accordance with its vision.
  • How does Qurtaba City residential Society foster a sense of community and belonging?
  • Simply, the vision of such a community and its practical manifestation with its projects answer this question.
  • What measures are taken to ensure a healthy and sustainable lifestyle?
  • Different sports facilities and gymnaciums are designed in accordance to the public health and sustainability in every aspect is being enaured.
  • Is there a focus on promoting eco-friendly practices within Qurtaba City?
  • Yes, the Qurtaba City Housing Society stands for the sustainability and best environmental practices. The green color in every aspect of the community testifies this foucs.

Financial & Investment: Qurtaba Housing Society

  • What are the different payment plans available for purchasing property in Qurtaba City Housing Society?
  • Qurtaba City Housing Society payment plan include a downpayment of 20% and the remaining amount in 2 years’ flexible intervals. For more information about the payment plan see the payment plan below or directly call Multiworks.
best housing society in islamabad, Qurtaba City
Payement Plan For Residential Of Qurtaba City.
  • Do you offer flexible down payment options?
  • Yes, Multiworks offer flexible payment plan subject to individual needs and status. Do not hesitate to contact us.
  • What are the expected price ranges for different types of properties?
  • The 5 marla plot price is 30 lacs, 10 Marla plot with 45 lacs and 1 Kanal plot with 65lacs respectively.
  • Is there an investment potential associated with owning property in Qurtaba City Housing Society?
  • Yes, the investment potential of the Qurtaba cCity is high subject to its location, amenities and the overall mood of the real estate market after general elections. It is high time to invest in it.
  • What are the anticipated appreciation rates for property values in Qurtaba City Housing Society?
  • It is estimated that in the forthcoming year or two it will have more than 35% appreciation rates, which is the highest ROI that can be given any project in the real estate of Pakistan.
  • Are there any government incentives or benefits for investing in Qurtaba City Housing Society?
  • Yes, Qurtaba City Housing Society is an approved society free from any kind of dispute it is beneficial to have peace of mind before investing in real estate sector of Pakistan.
  • Will Multiworks provide assistance with financing options for buyers?
  • The answer is interestingly yes. We can explore different possibilities for potential buyers to get you the best plot in the Qurtaba City Housing Society.
  • What are the legal and regulatory considerations for purchasing property in Qurtaba City Housing Society?
  • Qurtaba City Housing Society is clean green housing scheme with Multiworks offering its plots with no hidden charges. The regulatory framework is the same as of the respective region.
  • What after-sales services are offered to property owners in Qurtaba City Housing Society?
  • The Peace of mind of every buyer is important to Multiworks and can go an extra mile after-sales services to the property owners.

Construction & Timeline: Qurtaba Housing Society

  • What is the current stage of development for Qurtaba City Housing Society?
  • Qurtaba City Housing Society is in the middle of its development stage with majority of its projects are being initiated under HSSR and Madinat Ul Ilm.
  • When is the expected completion date for different phases of the project?
  • It is highly dependent on the mood real estate sector of Pakistan after general election Feb, 2024. However, with burgeoning population of the twin cities and its horizontal expansion along with rapid urbanization offer good insights in to the early completion of the City.
  • What construction companies are involved in the development of Qurtaba City Housing Society?
  • The leading developer of the Qurtaba City Housing Society is the HSSR. The director of HSSR is the hon’ble CEO of the Multworks-Ghulam Sarwar Gondal. Many construction companies are associated with thje development of the Qurtaba City Housing Society.
  • What quality control measures are in place to ensure a high standard of construction?
  • Qurtaba City Housing Society has its own department for the Quality Control measures that ensure everything is built from the best materials of construction.
  • Can potential buyers visit the construction site or see model homes?
  • Off course, Multiworks encourage potential buyers to come its office and in Islamabad and it will arrange a site visit for the potential according to their conveniences.

Unique Features & Initiatives:

  • Can you elaborate on the QURTABA Jamia Masjid and its significance?
Qurtaba City Jamia Masjid, Qurtaba City Mosque, Multiworks, Real Estate, Qurtaba City, RDA Approved, safe investment, Prime Location, Amenities, peaceful environment, green lush, sustainable environment, Promising investment
Qurtaba Jamia Masjid ~ Qurtaba City
  • Qurtaba Grand mosque is one the majestic attraction of the Qurtaba City Housing Society. It will add to the architecture and art of the city. This beautiful master piece is initiated under the spirit of the love with the house of Allah. It is stated that mosques are beloved places of Allah and whoever, builds a mosque Allah builds his/her house in the paradise.
  • What will the International Qurtaba University offer in terms of academic programs?
Qurtaba International University, Multiworks, Real Estate, Qurtaba City, RDA Approved, safe investment, Prime Location, Amenities, peaceful environment, green lush, sustainable environment, Promising investment
Qurtaba International University ~ Multiworks
  • Qurtaba International University is another grand project of the Qurtaba City Housing Society. As the 872 kanal land university will provide modern scientific and arts related education facilities to the students. It will attract the top talent of the country due to its sheer huge size and mission of the Qurtaba City overall. Fields like engineering, economics, medical, political, and other will flourish in the city that will contribute to the overall development and progress of Pakistan. The Qurtaba City Housing Society vision is about the peace and knowledge. It is due this sole reason that much large land is dedicated to the university.
  • Can you tell us more about the Agosh Center and its mission?
  • The Aaghosh center is based on the Kafalat-i-Yatim, Rafaqat-i-Rasool, meaning thereby the catering of needs of the orphans to get the companionship of the Prophet (SAW) in the hereafter. It will provide food, shelter education both Islamic and modern to the orphans. The mission is to elevate humanity and build a model society in Pakistan that is truly welfare society.
  • What other unique initiatives or projects are planned within Qurtaba City ?
  • The current unique developmental projects are in progress. The further extension of Qurtaba City Housing Society leaves spaces for other unique and majestic projects. There is a high possibility that an initiative of block for overseas citizens will created with the most luxuries amenities of all the blocks.
  • How does Qurtaba City  plan to contribute to the overall development of Islamabad?
  • Qurtaba City Housing Society will definitely contribute to the horizontal development of Islamabad. More, housing schemes will be attracted towards the west side of the Islamabad, there developing Islamabad community further and ultimately strengthening its economy.
  • What makes Qurtaba City  stand out from other housing societies in Pakistan?
  • This is one of the important question people do not about. Most of the societies in Islamabad are having legal disputes and are not approved by governmental authorities or completely rendered them as illegal housing societies. Government approve those societies which are according to the best environmental sustainability and resources of a given area. It is researched oriented processes that involve Environmental Impact Assessment-EIA, and Strategic Environmental Assessment-SEA. If a housing project do not pass these two crucial assessments, it is not sustainable best practice and ultimately disapproved by government as it is detrimental to environment and living things and are not sustainable. So, it is must step to see the legal status of society before investing in it. Qurtaba City Housing Society proudly hold it NOC from government and is all time secure and safe investment. This feature distinguishes from most of the societies. Moreover, the bragging values of humanity, brotherhood and harmony and its practical manifestation in the form its grand projects makes it unique from other housing societies in Pakistan.
  • Can Overseas Pakistanis buy property in Qurtaba City Housing Society?
  • Definitely in fact they are most encouraged to buy property in it as it will bring home remittances which is quiet beneficial for the national economy.
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